What Domains can Broadband Cloud Solutions Register?

Broadband Cloud Solutions are able to register the majority of UK and Global Domains, including: 

UK Domains 
Standard UK domains are registered through our Nominet Membership Account. All domains are subject to Nominet's Terms and Conditions(http://www.nic.uk/ref/terms.html) and Naming Rules (http://www.nic.uk/rules.html). 

.ltd.uk (register ltd company only) 
.plc.uk (register plc company only) 
.ac.uk (academic institutions only) 
.gov.uk (government bodies only) 

Global Domains 
These domains are registered through our BulkRegister Account. Bulkregister is a B2B ICANN Accredited Registrar. All Global Domains are subject to their terms (http://bulkregister.com/agreement.phtml). 


Euro Domains 
The list of domains below are registered through our CentralNic Account and are subject to their terms and conditions (http://www.centralnic.com/terms.php). 


Country Specific Domains 
Every country is assigned their own 2-letter domain using an abreviation of the country. In some countries However you don't have to live or have offices there to register a domain name. 
You can do everything with a country-specific domain name that you can do with any other domain name. It's a recognized TLD (Top Level Domain) and viewable from anywhere in the world. 
Some 2-letter domains offer advantages over traditional domains with the ability to help brand your company. These easy to remember two-letter extensions offer a new opportunity for clever advertising and marketing promotions. Examples Include: 

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