Setting up email on android mobile phones

Recently with android updating its software it has become harder to set up emails on your mobile phones. We thought it would be useful if we provided a simple guide, explaining how to set up your emails on it. 

Before starting, log into your cPanel with your login details: or if that does not work try (replace with your actual domain name) 

1.           Select “Email accounts". 

2.           Look for the email address you are looking to set up. 

3.           Select “configure email client” from the “more” the drop-down menu at the right side. 

4.           If you scroll down you can see the username, incoming and outgoing server along with the ports. 

This step will make the next part steps easier for you. 

Please note these instructions are created from a Samsung galaxy s6. Other phones may vary slightly. 

1.           Go to the default email client on the phone 

2.           Tap add account 

3.           Tap manual set up once you have entered email address and password 

4.           We recommend using IMAP for your email account. 

5.           You will be taken to the “incoming server settings”, you will need to ensure you enter the following: 

- Username: usually it’s your email address again (double check this on the cPanel details). 

- Password: you’re chosen email password. 

- IMAP server: (replacing “” with your actual domain) 

- Security: leave as “None” unless you are using the SSL connection. 

- Port: 143 

- IMAP path prefix: don’t enter any info in there. 

6.           Tap next. 

7.           You will be taken to the “Outgoing server settings”, you will need to enter the following: 

- SMTP server: (again replacing “” with your actual domain) 

- Security: leave as “None” unless you are using the SSL connection. 

8.           It’s up to you if you would like to login when you open the email app (its recommended to require sign-in, so that if you lose your phone people can’t access the emails) 

9.           Double check that the username and password are correct and select next 

10.        Click next. 

11.        It might bring up a section where you can choose an account name and your name. 

-The account name is what it will be saved as in your phone (we recommend leaving this as the email). 

-Your name, this is what the recipient will see. If you received an email from you will see “Broadband Cloud Solutions” above the subject in the email. 

  13. That should be your email set up for you.  

If you require any further assistance feel free to raise a support ticket and let the team know what step you are on and what you need help with 


Broadband Cloud Solutions. 

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