Who are Nominet?

Who are Nominet?
Nominet are the UK Domain Authority, and all .uk domains are registered by them (via Nominet Members or "tag holders" such as NSDESIGN). 

To help explain their role in more detail, please see the following extract from their own literature:

An introduction to Nominet

What we do

We operate at the heart of e-commerce in the UK, running one of the world's largest Internet registries and managing over six million domain names. With highly respected industry credentials, we are entrusted with the safe, stable and secure management of the .uk Internet name space.

We maintain the register of .uk domain names. We also run the technology which locates a computer on the Internet hosting the web site or email system you're looking for when you type in a web address or send an email that ends in .uk.

This includes:

    • Maintaining the accuracy and completeness of the .uk register database to high professional standards

    • Ensuring consistency and fairness in the registration and transfer of domain names

    • Providing a number of look-up services for people to find out whether a .uk domain name has been registered and, if so, by whom

    • Offering a Dispute Resolution Service based on mediation to handle domain name disputes.

We have a reputation for excellent customer service that is consistently reflected in the results from our satisfaction surveys, and other national Internet registries often visit us to learn from our registry model.

Importance of .uk

Recent independent research highlighted that British Internet users are six times more likely to choose a .uk rather than a .com address when looking for information via an Internet search engine. In addition respondents also added that when asked about searching for a particular company on the Internet, 72% said they would visit a British web address above any other.

Government and International influence

We work closely with the UK Government and senior civil servants and we also play a key role in international Internet governance and policy development. We regularly liaise with organisations such as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the Council of 
European National Top-Level Domain Registries (CENTR) as well as other worldwide domain name registry organisations and our Director of Legal and Policy is the UK representative on the Advisory Group to the Internet Governance Forum.

Our people

We greatly value our people and are committed to providing a high quality working environment. In order to ensure we continue to offer high levels of customer service we invest significant time and resources in training for our 115 staff, which supports their personal and professional development and improves our attractiveness as an Employer of Choice. 

Our structure

We are a private, not-for-profit company. We have 3,000 members not shareholders, and pay no dividends. We are not a governing or regulatory body, but provide a public service for the .uk namespace on behalf of the UK Internet community. We recognise that our responsibilities to this community are wide and varied, so we consult regularly with our stakeholders on any changes in policy.
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