Hosting Support Policy

At Broadband Cloud Solutions, we believe that first class support is the key to our success - our latest client survey confirmed our commitment to Customer Service with a satisfaction rating of 98%. The purpose of this Support Policy is to make clear to you (our valued customer) what our support covers, how to obtain it, and what we expect of you in return. Our aim is to ensure that any support issue is resolved quickly, and to the best of our ability, while continually seeking to improve the overall quality of our service. Methods of Support As standard, we provide the following methods of support which we expect you to familiarise yourself with:

24/7 Online Helpdesk

Our 24x7 Online Support Helpdesk is our primary means of providing support to you anytime day or night. Submitting a ticket ensures your support issue receives immediate attention and quick resolution by our dedicated Support Team, while giving us the ability to accurately track and audit your ticket if necessary. Please do not submit multiple tickets regarding the same support issue (this does nothing but create confusion and slow down resolution). Existing tickets (including all "closed" tickets) can be easily updated (and/or re-opened) via the Helpdesk system or by replying to the ticket email.


Existing users of the Online Helpdesk can also submit new tickets directly by email (without logging in to the Helpdesk) so long as the senders email address (the "From" address) is the same as you have provided to the Helpdesk during registration.

Live Chat

Live Chat provides the ability for you to "talk" directly (via messenger style text) to a member of our team. This should only be used for quick or simple queries, and often you will be referred to the Helpdesk to submit a ticket regarding your issue (especially if it cannot be resolved in a very short space of time).

Support Knowledge Base

More than just an FAQ, the Broadband Cloud Solutions Support Knowledge Base aims to help you answer any questions quickly and easily by yourself by providing a comprehensive resource of articles and advice relating to all aspects of our service.

Online Tutorials and Guides

Our collection of user-guides and online tutorial "videos" help provide a better understanding of our domain and hosting packages, as well as some other popular software products and services.


As standard, we do NOT provide telephone support. Issues related to Billing and Sales are the ONLY exception to this unless you have upgraded your standard support (see our Professional Support Upgrade). Customers phoning Broadband Cloud Solutions for any issues relating to Support will be kindly asked to submit a ticket at the online Helpdesk.

Support Hours and Response Times

Support (via the Helpdesk or Email) is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. While the majority of tickets are responded to within 1 hour (normally sooner) we do ask that you correctly prioritise your ticket by choosing an appropriate priority number corresponding with the urgency of your request. For example, do NOT submit an urgent "Priority 1" ticket for a "how do I.." question. Priority 1 tickets should ONLY be used for situations of a critical nature such as a "server down" ticket. We aim to fully resolve all tickets within a 4 hour period, with a greater priority given to certain tickets based on their immediacy. Live Chat is generally only available during office hours, and due to the nature of support requests via Live Chat (i.e.: very simply questions etc) we would hope to resolve any issues immediately.

Services Not Covered by Standard Support

While we will always try and provide support on most subjects where we have the expertise, our official support is only provided in relation to the products and services supplied to you. It does not extend to services including (but not limited to) custom web design and programming, or configuring, fixing or installing scripts or third party software. We are of course happy to provide quotes for any type of web design, development and consultancy work, should you need more assistance with something not covered by our standard support policy.

Professional Support Upgrade

Customer looking to extend the level of support provided by Broadband Cloud Solutions should consider upgrading to our Professional Support package. This enhanced package (recommended for businesses without a dedicated in-house technical resource) includes all the above features of our standard support, in addition to:

Telephone Support

Professional Support customers benefit from telephone support (during normal working office hours) on our normal (non-premium) telephone line. For some support issues, we may still ask you to submit a support ticket (or we will submit it on your behalf) to help better track the issue, but we welcome your call on any support issue.

Remote Assistance

Our remote assistance service is like having us in the room with you, providing One-2-One support with matters relating to your own Computer's setup. Remotely connecting to your computer, we control your system, helping resolve any issue, and showing you exactly "how" to do it. Examples of typical remote assistance include setting up your Outlook to use a newly created email account, tweaking Internet explorer to delete your cache, or giving you a quick guided tour around your chosen FTP software. Remote Assistance must be scheduled in advance (at times only minimal notice will be required) to ensure support staff are available. Currently the software we use for Remote Assistance in only available to customers on a Windows based computer such as XP or Vista (Mac and Linux versions available soon). Our Professional Support Package allows for greater flexibility as to "what" we can support, and while we may not be able to undertake any specific web development work etc (please see our Virtual Webmaster Services if you require similar help), we will always try and help you with ANY support issue if we have the expertise to do so. Professional Support Services are subject to a maximum of 30 mins/month.